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Crayon Vision

Open on all days that end with Y.

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Parodies! Singalongs! Kaiba on a Segway scooter! (I just love to say that.) This is Crayon Vision. The site put together by a group of messed up little Yu-Gi-Oh fans. The perpose of this community? To keep updated notified, ideas made, and other things pertaining to the site known. The only members should be the members of Crayon Vision... but anyone who wishes to join can join too. But of course only for the perpose of Crayon Vision, if you have an idea, or just want to know when the next update happens, can join.

Not like we have that many fans, but it'd be nice...

Anyway, this community is maintained by Jessie (mikoneyoru). Any rule braking and you will be BURNINTATED.