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Movin' on up!

Something new in the air...

What you say? You heard me. Hiatus. Why so early? Why? Well, there is a few reasons.

Summer is fast approching and most of the staff will be gone for a durration of the first week. Also, the site needs MAJOR fix ups and the files need to be more organized. So, before I leave for that one week of summer, I'll work on the site, and when I get back. Crayon Vision has finished phase one, and will soon be getting renivations and possably soon moved to it's own domain. This summer will bring great things!
... and that as they say, is that.

Or maybe not! Who knows!"

That's right, folks. I've transfered Crayon Vision to my computer and will be working on it completely offline until I leave for Boston. And then a little when I get back. I will also take this opprotunity to find those missing images. And also everyone else can take this time to calm down about what to get done. Not like anyone was anyway. But, we're gonna put more stuff up soon when the site gets back.

And the site getting it's own domain will be true. I'm gonna pitch some of my birthday money to get the site it's own homestead so I wont have to worry about space anymore. And, one more thing...

Poll #136641 Guestbook should stay?

Should we put the Guest Book back up when the site comes back?

Let me sleep on it!

Oh.. and when the site comes back, Ryu will get his picture. But he'll still be Astroman.
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