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You know, I was thinkin.....

Yeah, I know, that's dangerous for me to do ^^; But you know those 'You Know You Watch Too Much Yu-Gi-Oh When...' lists? What if Crayon Vision had one? o.o Just an idea.

And also, something that I thought was very funny was a 'What if' page. You know, when you say something stupid in a 'what if' phrase and draw a picture to it? XD That's funny!

But those are both only suggestions ^^; If you don't want to add them as sections, it's fine by me :3

In other news, I'm just about done with the Lord of the Millenium Items - The Two Pyramids Prolouge ^^ It doesn't seem to be coming out too well, but that's okay. I'll live. You guys seem to think it's funny enough as it is ^.~

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