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bask in the glow of my bad luck nuggets!!!

i donno, felt randomized anywhooo. ah the smell of fresh baked updates!

arter update- no new arts Oop need to make new story illustrations, such as kaiba on said segway, friday the thirteenth illus, ALL teh loward of teh millenium items chaptahs.. arrr!! jeessssiieeee ><;; i think were gonna have to have a artin party next time i at j00r house Oo; maybe sorta like the banana faerie party but no sephiroth.

story updates- havent worked on drunky, but have been coming up with good idears. im coming up with as many different spellings for namabarton as i can! dumdydum...dy dum dum dy...

wowie fun layout!! starthz.... woot! *kicks malik*

malik- I ARE GOD!!!!1
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